SharedPlan Pro 6.2.1

Project management tool on and offline


  • Easy to create tasks and plans
  • Gantt Chart very useful for planning schedules
  • Allows you to share plans online


  • Simple but number of features still take time to learn
  • Installation is a bit lengthy
  • Requires restart when installed


It makes sense that with any project management application, you can share the details of your plan with others that may be working on it.

SharedPlan Pro is designed to allow you to compose and manage projects offline but post them online for team collaboration. The developer assures that its online service is highly secure and allows managers to control access to users. Shared Plan pro goes beyond mere project management though, also allowing a certain amount of project analysis and reporting.

To start with SharedPlan Pro, you need to create a task which you can do by double-clicking anywhere on the screen. When you're finished, you should have a linked network diagram that starts with the project concept and ends with the finished task. You can link them all by dragging the chains between then. You can then click sticky notes that you want to associate with each stage of the project by holding shift and double clicking.

By double-clicking on each task, you can edit essential details such as task duration, cost and any other important facts and figures. To have a handy overview of the time schedule of your project, click the 'Gantt Chart' view, which displays, in chronological order, the sequence of events that need completing. If you get behind or forget an event, it's here that you can highlight it.

The added bonus of SharedPlan Pro is that you can share the plan online by simply selecting 'Central' and 'Publish to Server'. You can then email a link to others, who can view and edit the plan if you want them to.

Overall, there's much more to SharedPlan Pro than this brief overview and if you're looking for a highly accomplished project management application, with online support, it's definitely worth checking out.

Fixes for resource calculations.


  • Fixes for resource calculations.


SharedPlan Pro 6.2.1

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